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"The technician was very knowledgeable, and getting started was very easy. We just don't have many options out here in the mountains.  Internet Colorado has proven to be the best internet provider we've ever had." — RONNIE POWELL

WE are



When you sign up with Internet Colorado, you will get personalized service from someone in your area... and not from a call center overseas.


Also, we promise to take the time to listen to your internet needs and adjust our business accordingly when we can.


It's little things like these that we believe set Internet Colorado apart from the rest.

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It's not often that you will see the word passion on the website of an internet provider.  But remember... we're different. And we mean that!  Our employees take a great amount of pride in their internet and Directv installations.  Respecting your time, respecting your property, and earning your repeated business is what we live for.  And if something's not right, we'll fix it!  Period.  That's our promise at Internet Colorado!


When our certified, local  internet installer show up at your door, you will be treated with courtesy.  This is how we built our internet business here in the high Rockies.  In fact, almost 40% of our new customers are referrals.  And that's great for business!  But that's not why we do it... we do it because it's the right thing to do. 


Our commitment is to the "little extras."  Like having a 24 hour technical support line that's based right here in Colorado.  Or understanding that sometimes people move homes, and when that happens we will also move the internet and/or Directv service to your new location for free.  And giving everyone Installation Assurance, which means we guarantee your install will be done correctly and to your satisfaction. 

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