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Netflix, Youtube, & Hulu - Do They Work With Exede?

We have people calling every day asking if they can stream videos with Exede service in Colorado... and the answer is YES! Exede's speed of 12 Mbps is more than sufficient for streaming without buffering. The flip side to that is that streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu can use tons of data. While streaming videos on YouTube will use significantly less data. So, watching a movie on Netflix could use up to 5 Gigs of data if viewed in High Definition. This could eat into your data cap pretty quickly. However, watching YouTube is a whole different animal.

There is a pretty big difference between the kind of video you get on YouTube compared to what’s served up on Netflix or Hulu, another popular streaming service. YouTube videos are typically short and only consume about 6 megabytes of data per minute, on average. Using some quick math, you can see that a 3-minute YouTube video = approx. 18 megabytes or 0.18 GB. You could watch 100 of these and use only about 1.8 GB of data — or less than 1/5 of your monthly allowance on a 10 GB plan.

This is not too bad, and in reality, the lower-definition videos like this typically won’t eat up your monthly data allowance — unless you’re really hooked on those funny dog videos.

What can you do to watch more without using ALL your data? One option is to change the settings on your video streaming playback. On Netflix, for example, you’d navigate to “Your account” and then to “Playback settings.” If it’s set on “high” or “auto,” you may want to change it to “medium.” This will allow you to consume less data and watch more video. You can do the same on YouTube, and other video services have similar adjustment capability. You can also tweak the settings on each individual YouTube video by clicking on the gear icon (see below).

Don't forget that we almost always have larger plans available for you if you are continually using all your data. For instance, in Colorado, we have packages of 10, 15, and 25 Gigs. And it's really important to remember that all of our plans have a "free zone" which means unlimited usage during pre-set hours.

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