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Wireless Routers That Work Well With Exede Satellite Internet

Well, One Internet Colorado has come up with our list of great, and not-so great routers for use with Exede Internet. We spent the time doing this to save our customers time and money when it comes to purchasing a new router. This list is not all inclusive of all the routers on the marker (there are 1000's), but we have tested the more popular brands available in the area.

Almost 100% of the time if a customer has a connectivity issue with their service it turns out to be their router. So with that being said, it's not how much you spend that determines a router's effectiveness, but more about the router itself. Spending more does NOT mean you are getting a better router.

Routers that work WELL with our service:

  • Linksys

  • Belkin

  • Netgear

  • Cisco

Routers that are NOT compatible:

  • Belkin N750, D-Link DIR-601 and D-Link DI-524 are routers proven not to work with our Exede service.

I really hope this information is helpful in your router purchasing! Please don't hesitate to call One Internet Colorado in Fairplay at (719)838-0964 if you have any questions or concerns.

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