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Security Alert for People using Ubiquiti or Netis Routers

Your network can experience cyber attacks. According to a recent security warning issued by the Exede Internet security team, the networks of people using Ubiquiti or Netis routers can prone to cyber attacks.

These routers allow a Distributed Denial of Service attack, helping malicious hackers break the security channels and affecting the speed of the internet. Thus, it is recommended to replace the routers to enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

However, technicians can help their customers get safe and secure access to the internet by:

  1. Checking Ubiquiti and Netis routers during installation.

  2. Educating customers regarding the security risk of the routers, and telling them the consequences of continuously using these routers.

  3. Suggesting them get Exede Wifi-only plan and buy a secure router.

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